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Tens of millions of workers are expected to lose their jobs due to the economic impact of COVID-19 ( Pequity recognizes that businesses are also facing tough decisions, and the traditional compensation survey system can’t keep up with the rapid changes the pandemic brings every day.

For this reason we are offering discounted access to our real-time compensation data through July 2020. Stay ahead of market changes and get access to compensation expert advice.

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What does Pequity help you do?

Use real-time data to assess market trends, price roles, & compare against your company’s compensation practices.

Analytics highlight outliers & common pay concerns. Easily compare employees to market-data, internal peers & ranges.

Create a collaborative offer process. Customize compensation visibility by role, and set an approvals process for your company.

Integrate with your existing tools to sync compensation information. Changes made in one place seamlessly appear in all.

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